PipelineOur debts and deficits are too high. Unemployment creates a constant drag. Economic growth rates are mediocre. And politicians continue to bicker rather than finding solutions. 

Amidst all of these problems, there is one potential bright spot that holds considerable promise for North America . We appear to be on the verge of an energy renaissance that could prove to be one of the most noteworthy transformational changes in our history.

  • Technological advancements in the production of oil and natural gas have opened up huge new reserves that were previously inaccessible
  • The US is already one of the lowest cost producers of natural gas in the world and it would appear this change may allow America to become energy independent by 2020
  • The International Energy Agency predicts that oil production in the US will surpass that of Saudi Arabia by 2019
  • This could help reduce household costs for consumers strapped by high debt loads
  • More importantly, it could also lead to a manufacturing renaissance. North American companies could become far more competitive as lower energy input costs offset higher labour costs

This sea of change could provide a remarkable boost to our economy at a time when it is really needed!

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