Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball

When Ray speaks about what is coming, people should listen. Ray is an inventor, author, scientist, and futurist and a director of engineering at Google. At first glance, his ideas may seem far-fetched, but his 30-year track record predicting the future has been amazingly accurate.

In 1990, he released a book -- “The Age of Intelligent Machines” – in which he predicted the rise of the Internet, widespread wireless computing, and the emergence of a computer capable of defeating the world chess champion. IBM’s Deep Blue defeated Gary Kasparov in 1997.

In his book released in 1999, he predicted the rise of tablet computers long before the first iPad was released. He claimed that by 2009 a super computer would be able to match the power of a human brain. He also claimed that by 2019 life expectancy would be about 100 and by 2029 it would be 120.

Some of Ray’s other predictions include…

2017 – self driving cars – why own a car when there is a pool of self driving cars that is available with a phone call?

2020 – printing designer clothes at home on your 3D printer – would that ever shake up the retail business!

2040 – Stay young forever – the biotechnology revolution will accelerate over the next 25 years and help the immune system deal with all forms of aging and disease.

Not only are his ideas fascinating, but they will have profound implications for society and for many industries. They will also impact how we plan our lives. What does retirement planning look like if people live to 120 – or forever?

For details on some of his more recent predictions, read this article from December 2013: Google's Ray Kurzweil Predicts How The World Will Change

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