We All Need To Dream

There are many advantages to our Enhanced Financial Planning Program:

We can help you with the issues most people know they should consider, but for whatever reason, put off (sometimes until it’s too late).
  •  Your financial plan is about more than just numbers. We’ll discuss your desired lifestyle now and later, your needs and goals, concerns and hesitations. We’ll craft an action plan designed to work for your life, focused specifically on achieving what’s important to you.
  • We make it easy for you and respect your time. We already have much of the information we need to complete your customized plan. We’ll discuss what result you’d like to achieve and let you know what, if any, additional information is needed to build your strategy. You get back to your life and we’ll do the heavy lifting to make sure you get the answers you need.
  • We add value. Many advisors charge more in addition to investment management fees for a comprehensive investment plan. We provide this service complimentary to our clients because we know your life is complicated and all aspects of it should be considered. 
  • Your plan will help to empower truly effective financial decisions. You’ll want your plan close by to help with decisions related to spending and budgeting decisions, retirement income needs, travel planning, major purchases, estate planning and more. Your accountant or lawyer will be pleased when you bring them your current financial summary, saving you time and maybe even fees for their time. 
  • Financial planning is a family affair. We’ll take your whole family situation into account so you aren’t caught off-guard should a child or elderly parent eventually need financial assistance. We’ll even include spouses who are not clients in the process so they get the answers they need as well.
  • We might save you money on taxes. There are plenty of tax-savings opportunities people commonly overlook.  How much might you be overpaying on your income taxes? 

Do You Have Questions?

We hear many common questions:

  • How much do I spend monthly and how does it affect the achievement of my goals?  
  • Can I afford to retire early?  
  • Could I run out of money in retirement?
  • Am I over or under insured?
  • I am not exactly sure how my investments or accounts work; can I have a simple, straight-forward reminder?
  • I am a business owner; do I need a succession plan now?

We use industry-leading software and strategies that can address even the most complex needs and present them in a simplified and thorough way.

One or two in-person meetings are generally recommended to complete the planning process. However, in special situations, we can have the meeting at your home, over the phone, or using Skype internet phone. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you.

Introducing Brandee Carter

We are excited to announce that one of the advisors on our team, Brandee Carter, will now be primarily dedicated to guiding the achievement your family’s financial goals.

Brandee leverages a qualified network of experienced professionals to assist clients with related services outside of our area of expertise like: business succession planning, legal aspects of estate planning, personal and business tax planning, purchasing or selling a property, etc.