COVID-19: Why are Governments so Worried?

  • Schools and universities are closed – possibly until September
  • Some businesses are temporarily closing and many are asking employees to work from home
  • Italy, Spain and France are in lock down
  • Some cities and states in the US are in lock down
  • Governments are announcing large stimulus packages before people are really asking for them

What do they know that would cause such an extreme reaction from countries around the world?

Here is an excellent article that explains what things might look like if they don’t get ahead of this.

Our key takeaways are:

  • We can extrapolate what will happen in other places based on what happened in China and Italy
  • This virus is very contagious; but it can be managed if our health system is not overwhelmed
  • Social distancing works (it has been used effectively for over 100 years)
  • Our health care workers and hospitals will not be able to keep up unless we act now
  • The fatality rate will be lower if we reduce the cases our health system must deal with
  • We are really just trying to buy time until a vaccine is available
  • This threat of the virus will pass, but a vaccine probably won’t be available until next year

Be safe. Enjoy the sunshine. Hopefully this is just a distant memory a year from now.

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