Priorities For the Coming Months

With our transition to Quintessence Wealth nearly complete, our priorities for the coming months are focused on further customization of solutions and services that will immediately benefit you. Here are our current priorities:

Enhanced Custom Pools

  • The first pool we roll out will be focused on the equity portion of your portfolio
  • We will be using the same investment approach, with greater cost and return efficiencies
  • Instead of holding a dozen different equity positions, you would hold units of the pool that holds those positons
  • Tax filing would be much easier. Rather than having to track the gains/losses of multiple individual investments, you would simply include the T3 for the pool in your tax return
  • We will be increasing the number of stocks in the underlying mix to provide greater diversification
  • We plan to add a currency hedge overlay to reduce currency risk in the portfolios
  • Investing in equities makes sense in the long run, but at times it might be prudent to “lock in” some of the gains after your accounts have experienced decent growth. We will be exploring how best to use options strategies to reduce the impact of a correction when we have already achieved a strong gain for the year

Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

  • We have already explored your comfort level with risk and return in our previous discussions
  • This questionnaire will give one more input – a score – which will either confirm we have the right portfolio mix for you or point to a portfolio mix that might be more in line with your answers
  • We will not make automatic changes to your portfolio based on the questionnaire, but your answers may create an opportunity to discuss whether you would prefer to be a little more conservative or a little more aggressive going forward

Online access

  • See all your accounts and holdings online
  • See your previous monthly statements
  • Get copies of tax slips
  • Change your monthly statement delivery method to email rather than standard mail
  • Many clients have already contacted us for online access. Please let us know if you are interested

Thanks for your patience and understanding through the transition. As we roll out better solutions and services over the next 6-12 months we trust you will see why we are so excited to have joined Quintessence Wealth.

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