Rob Parrish was recently interviewed by Wealth Professional. We thought it was worth sharing the article as it does a fairly good job of capturing the vision and values that drive our team.

For any financial advisor, there are two important roles they must perform.

The first is to help allay clients’ financial fears and keep them on track to reach their stated goals. As Rob says in the article, “We realized early on that while we're in the financial business, the primary focus of our business is the clients’ peace of mind.”

In each client meeting, Rob says he touches on the volatility of investment markets and how they’re beyond anyone’s control, as well as the strategies the team at Elevate adopts to manage risks.  

The second role is to help clients focus on the important issues, and eliminate some of the noise, to clarify their situation and their opportunities. That helps them make decisions with confidence.

While Rob earned his CFP designation early on, it wasn’t until much later that he realized the true worth of financial planning. Many years ago, when the team started to focus on creating detailed financial plans for clients instead of just focusing on their investments, we saw a dramatic increase in the clients’ sense of confidence and well-being.

Almost 80% of our clients have been with us for over 20 years. That speaks volumes about the depth of the relationships and the level of trust that has been built up over time. “They trust that our recommendations, decisions, and advice are all in their best interest. And that's all they want.”

Read the full interview here.