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Portfolio Managers

Mike, Rob and Andrew are registered Portfolio Managers with Q Wealth. This registration category requires a higher level of education and experience in the investment industry than other Investment Advisors in Canada.

The higher level of the Portfolio Manager designation is important as it allows us to manage money on a discretionary basis. To us, it is the only rational way to manage money. Not only is this a fairer platform for all clients, but it also allows a more proactive approach for capturing opportunities and/or for protecting capital.
Q Wealth Discretionary Portfolio Management

Our discretionary model is transparent and allows us to be more nimble and proactive to maximize growth potential and protect your wealth.

Access to a wider selection of investments
Every client is treated equally
We have more time for client meetings and planning
Fees are unbundled from the investments recommended
Q Wealth’s income is tied directly to the performance of your investments
Proprietary Investment Pools
Only a fraction of Portfolio Managers have access to custom pooled funds with options and institutional pricing. We believe the flexibility of Q Wealth’s proprietary investment pools, which incorporate stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and options are the best investment solution for our clients because they provide:
Institutional Pricing
Equal Pricing
for All Clients
Better Risk Management
Lower Costs
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